A Billboard Facing a Wall

A Billboard Facing a Wall is an exhibition comprising of interdisciplinary work from Glasgow Based artists Rosa Klerkx, Allegra Salandini and Peter Eason Daniels. The show explores what it is to make work in parallel, not necessarily in collaboration, but together. This togetherness has its own history, from studying at the Glasgow School of Art and then sharing a studio they have continued to work with-in each other’s peripheral vision.  

Tied by a shared interest in absurdity, playfulness, movement and poetics – they make work which attempts to capture fleeting moments or sensations, often dragging these moments out to points of extremity or speeding them up until the moment is almost lost.

A Billboard Facing a wall is an on-going project, bimonthly the artists aim to revisit and present new and existing work in different locations, curated through a continuous conversation between all three artists.